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Lorentz violation of the Standard Model

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:55 pm    Post subject: Lorentz violation of the Standard Model Reply with quote

To: mpeskin@slac.stanford.edu
CC: WEINBERG@physics.utexas.edu ; eichten@fnal.gov ; marciano@bnl.gov ;
Martin.Grunewald@cern.ch ; sjbth@slac.stanford.edu ; lance@slac.stanford.edu
Time:Wed 2006-04-19 11:47 PM

Dear Professor Mike Peskin,

I am writing this email to let you know of my criticism on
your research in SLAC E158.

I suggested the parity violation of SLAC E158 as an experimental
evidence for Lorentz violation of the Standard Model. Since this
statement has been brought to the public through an internet
news group, I would like to ask your opinion to amend my claim
if I am mistaken.

Also, SLAC E158 was mentioned in my email to Professor
Weinberg to point out that the Standard Model is inconsistent
with the Dirac equations which SLAC E158 assumed as
fundamental equations. In his response, he mentioned that the
Dirac equations is not the only equations for particles for 1/2 spin
and I believe it implies that the analysis of SLAC E158 is not
a Standard Model test.

I have included Professor Weinberg to make it sure of my statement
and your colleagues for more opinions.

Please refer to the following information and let me know your

You may find the preprint "Lorentz violation of the Standard Model"
( http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/hep-ph/0502142 )
and more information on my homepage http://www.jcyoon.com
and news group sci.physics.research such as

In this paper, I have investigated whether the unification of the Standard
Model is rigorous enough to claim as a fundamental nature of nature.

Here is the outline of preprint.

1. No massive particle can be described by only one of left- and
right-handed "chirality" fermion field according to the Dirac equations.

2. The Standard Model starts with the assumption of massless fermion
labeling them as purely left- or right-handed chiral fermions. After the
massless fermion obtains its mass term, they are still labeled as left- and
right-handed fermion. If it is left- and right-handed chirality, then it
contradicts with the Dirac equation as there is no massive fermion with
purely one chirality. Also, these purely chiral fields do not even
satisfy the equations of motion from the SM Lagrangian.

3. Therefore, the unification of electroweak interactions is at best
Lorentz-violating approximation, not a fundamental property of nature.

For the experimental evidence, I would suggest SLAC E158 parity
violating observation, since the parity violation of massive fermion is
consistent with Lorentz violation; parity is the symmetry between left-
and right-handed helicity in massive fermion and those two can be
transformed into each other under Lorentz transformations. Therefore,
if parity of massive fermion is violated, then it means Lorentz violation.
The reason for the Lorentz violation of SLAC E158 can also be found
in both its calculation and experimental method. The matrix element,
which is supposed to be Lorentz invariant, is divided into each helicity,
which makes the matrix element Lorentz violating; the matrix element
of left-handed helicity can vanish in a certain frame under the Lorentz
transformations, where the left-handed helicity massive fermion is
flipped into the right-handed one.

Again, I would like to apologize if this email waste your time and effort.

J.C. Yoon
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